Amoureux de la nature



In our fast and very engaging modern world, a compass of values is more important than ever.

Many years ago began our reflections on how to live a balanced life in the modere that can lead to more satisfaction, fulfillment and thus joy. Our experiences and insights have turned our lives around and influenced them so positively that we want to show it to more people who are open to change. And also do not want to follow the daily grind in the hamster wheel.


Get inspired

Our lives, our landscapes and our natural wonders offer incredible photo opportunities. We would like to bring you closer to our environment, the foundation of us all. In this day and age, when life is getting faster and faster, we are losing touch with our environment and ultimately with ourselves. We want to show you how beautiful our earth is, how little you really need and help you with backpacking tips to explore the world yourself.

Sunset in Mountain

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